Wisconsin Benchmarking Exchange (WiBMX)

What is the Wisconsin Benchmarking Exchange (WiBMX)? 
A strict members-only resource providing vital comparative data to inform critical decision-making. The exchange offers both professionally prepared, standardized survey instruments for your use, as well as a managed repository of performance outcomes in areas relating to customer satisfaction, employee engagement, communication effectiveness, and other areas important to organizational performance.

Why is good comparative data important? 
Comparative data helps you understand your own performance outcomes in the context of what other organizations have achieved. It helps you answer the question, “good compared to what?”

What kinds of organizations can use this resource? 
The WiBMX was designed to be a resource for ALL organizations in Wisconsin, regardless of industry type, size or location. Demographic parameters may be applied to narrow the scope of your comparators.

What data categories will be available to Members? 
Upon launch, WiBMX will offer resources for customer satisfaction, workforce engagement, communications effectiveness, and general organizational maturity.  Additional categories will be added based on Member interest.

How often will the WiBMX be updated? 
WiBMX is designed to support a MONTHLY update frequency.  Results may then be aggregated into quarterly and annual levels.

Will historical data be available? 
The administrators of the WiBMX will work with member organizations to add historical data. The intention is to support three years of contiguous monthly data.

How will new benchmarks be added to the WiBMX? 
WiBMX is in development, so formats and methods remain under evaluation.

How will confidentiality be assured? 
The WiBMX operates in a blind manner – data available to members will never include organizational names or other characteristics that may disclose identities of contributors.

As a Member, am I required to participate in the WiBMX? 
No. However, we point out that this is a benchmarking EXCHANGE, therefore it’s considerate to contribute data if you intend to pull data from it.

Can data obtained from the WiBMX be used to satisfy the Category 7 (Results) requirements for comparative data? 
Absolutely. The WiBMX was designed to help organizations gain access to high value comparators that substantiate their own performance.

Is there support or expertise is available to help us apply, use and benefit from the WiBMX? 
Yes. Contact the WCPE Executive Director to discuss your circumstances.

Are there rules I need to abide by? 
Yes. Members must agree to the terms and conditions of use before gaining access to WiBMX.