Workshop | Conflict Management: Mastering the Pivot

Event Days: Apr 7, 2017 - Apr 7, 2017, Starts at: 8:30 AM - Ends at: 4:30 PM


Wouldn’t you love to have fun while resolving your conflicts? Just Pivot, and you can! We all experience unwanted conflict with co-workers, employees, friends or even spouses, yet we desperately want to avoid it, or figure out how to handle it definitively. Whether you have tried other conflict management sessions or not, this hands-on one is for you if you want to truly learn how to fix those stubborn conflicts, and move on with a healthy mindset and relationships!

Register Now ButtonBased upon the career work of a master negotiator, this workshop guides participants to master conflict pivots — yielding reactions to conflict situations that are healthy for both parties.

Learn about the three key pivots:

  • Away from your Stuck Story and toward its message
  • Away from their behavior and toward your conflict hooks
  • Away from the past and toward the now

Learn how to do a 15-minute Self-Mediation
Learn how to apply the right pivot to the right conflict situation

This dynamic workshop moves each participant through a skill workbook designed to help practice and refine pivot techniques, mastering each one for different situations. You will learn about your reactions to conflict, and how those reactions impact you and those around you. As you Master the Pivot, you’ll be amazed at how much better your world becomes.

Dawn M. Garcia, MS, RN, CMQ-OE

With over 30 years in leadership, Dawn Garcia has effectively dealt with all kinds of conflict situations, receiving recognition locally and nationally for her leadership ability, working through conflicts to achieve desired outcomes. She’s been in your seat, and can guide you to a better place, while keeping your valued relationships intact. Conflicts get her energized, in a good way!

Dawn serves as Principal and Founder of Pursuit of Excellence LLC, a management consulting agency, based in Eau Claire, WI. Her company primarily assists service-based clients with strategic, operational, leadership, work process, human resource, and performance result projects, as well as supporting all sectors on the excellence journey. As a Senior Baldrige examiner, and WCPE examiner, she has helped multiple organizations to advance on the excellence journey, achieving top levels of recognition.


Individual: $350

Group of 3-5: $300 (each)

Group of 6 or more (flat rate): $1,890 (Maximize your organization’s learning by bringing as many team members as you wish!)

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Registration Deadline

Register on or before April 3 to ensure you have a spot in this session.

Cancellation Policy

WCPE will refund registration fee less a $25 administrative fee for any participant who cancels registration by April 3, 2017. No refunds can be extended after that date; however, registrations are fully transferable at any time prior to the date.

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