1-Day Interactive Workshop – Leave the workshop with a plan!

All successful change starts with leadership. This requires preparing self as much as the organization or team.  Leaders often underestimate the amount of personal and organizational change required to enable sustainable performance improvement.  If you or your organization is planning to take on or are presently engaging in improving organizational performance, this workshop will help give you a roadmap to prepare yourself and organization/team for success.  Avoid the pitfall of narrowly focusing on “What” needs to happen (setting the vision, building a lean management system, technology modernization, offering new products or services, streamlining process, developing data analytics, etc.) and learn how to design a holistic plan that integrates the 5 elements required for sustainable and successful performance improvement.  Walk away from the workshop with a personal plan to leverage the 5 elements of Purpose, Process, People, Customer and Feedback Loops (PDCA) to enable a holistic roadmap.

Join us October 21 at the Pyle Center in Madison.  Get more details here.