Why would 90% of the Vital Few workshop’s 500 participants recommend it?  Download a flyer and learn more!

Because it makes it easier to engage Continuous Improvement (CI) with faster results. Teams from all industries – government, education, healthcare, non-profits – have witnessed this workshop align organizational thinking around what needs to improve, why it needs to improve and how to improve it.

  • Organizations came with a challenge, left with a plan
  • CEO’s determined strategy impact, eliminated low impact initiatives, freed up resources
  • Department heads assembled data that informed leadership – shifting focus to projects that would solve problems
  • Teams aligned and identified roadblocks

By combining voice of the customer, organizational thinking and key data, Vital Few creates process problem focus. It analyzes the value stream and process performance data to understand why the process is not working. The workshop concludes with root cause exercises that reveal the Vital Few projects that will create meaningful impact.

Experience Continuous Improvement with your team.  Define the gaps in your problem solving plans and identify how you plan to address them.  Leave the workshop with an actionable plan focused on the RIGHT things to do.Harness the power of NOT jumping to solutions!

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