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Problem Solving & Innovation During Times of Crisis: “SIT Spark” — July 14, 21, 28 Online Workshop Series

July 14, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Organizations today must do more with less.  Organizations today must solve complex problems they’ve never faced before.  Organizations today must find ways to create meaningful, breakthrough changes that add value for customers and others stakeholders — they must innovate their products, services, processes, and business models to remain relevant, achieve their missions, and indeed just survive these challenging times.

WCPE has had Systematic Inventive Thinking  present live workshops in the past, so we are especially pleased to offer one of our most popular workshops “Exploring Innovation Principles & Tools: SIT Spark” in a three-part  virtual series: Tuesday mornings July 14, 21, and 28.

ll three workshops will be half-days in the mornings (8:00AM-12:00PM CT).  They will be facilitated by Erez Tsalik of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), an Israeli-based consulting and training firm specializing in making innovation and problem solving systematic.  They will all be online (Zoom Meetings), but highly interactive.  And the content has all be revised to focus on the challenges organizations are facing in today’s crisis.

SIT is unique in its ability to help companies innovate Inside the Box, using their existing resources and navigating existing constraints.  SIT’s method is systematic, so you will gain the ability to “Innovate On-Demand” using a proven, disciplined approach to both process innovation and problem solving.  Learn skills that will help you deftly troubleshoot issues and identify new opportunities in this time of uncertainty, but will also help you facilitate your organization’s productivity and growth once we emerge from this current crisis.

Key Outcomes

In the Spark workshop, you will:

  • Learn a systematic method for innovation and problem solving, including five simple but powerful tools
  • Practice SIT’s tools and guiding principles in a group discussion and on case studies
  • Explore how this process/tools can be applied to your organization’s challenges and strategic opportunities

Who should attend?

Any leader that is expected to make innovation happen and deliver expected results will benefit from understanding the guiding principles and tools taught by applying it to their organization.

  • Senior Leaders, Executives, and Administrators
  • Directors, Managers, Department Heads
  • Team Leaders Expected To Make Change Happen
  • Change Agents Within Organizations
  • Continuous Improvement & Performance Excellence Leaders
  • Team/project sponsors

Learn from SIT’s 25 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes in 73 countries imagine and implement creative alternatives to inoculate them from the unpredictability of life.   Their solutions will help you navigate through periods of uncertainty, develop an agile mindset to identify opportunities in even the most challenging times, and create new value that will stimulate growth once we emerge from this crisis.

Investment is $600 for PEN members and WCPE stakeholders for all three parts of the series (1.5 total days of workshop), $500/each for member groups of 3-4 registering at the same time, or $400/each for member groups of 5+ registering at the same time.  Non-member guests are welcome for $1000.

Times are challenging.  This workshop will help you solve problems and navigate the challenges your organization currently faces.





“There are two particular things that hold my attention about the SIT methodology — it is different from anything I have ever seen, and it is grounded on models and algorithms of thinking, validated academically, and replicable. We no longer have to wait for some spontaneous breakthrough!  Innovation can be systematic, planned and depended upon, when we need and where we need it, on demand.”

— Andre de Barros Teixera, VP International R&D, Campbell’s Soup

Detailed Workshop Description

SIT’s vision is to help people design and implement a long-term culture of innovation in their company or organization. In support of this goal, SIT helps create an impactful program of innovation that runs across teams and departments to transform the organization, while promoting its strategic goals.

SIT’s 3 Innovation Pillars Model
Each Spark program is based on SIT’s organizational innovation model. This model consists of 3 Innovation Pillars, which – when combined – provide the framework for impactful innovation:

  • Results – innovation activities that generate tangible innovative projects which create immediate return-on-innovation.
  • Skills – providing employees with the skills required to think innovatively and manage innovation in the organization.
  • Structures – putting in place a plan that supports a culture of innovation including management involvement and commitment, as well as cross organizational understanding and cooperation.

Each Spark program consists of activities containing elements from all three pillars, although one of the pillars will typically be dominant at a given time. For example, initially the focus is on creating immediate and midterm results to achieve a quick ROI (Return on Innovation), but this will also create the engagement to drive the innovation buzz and momentum, and supply participants in the project with practical tools for innovative thinking.

Underpinning each Spark session is the SIT “Ripple Model” for Innovation which pulls together SIT’s academically derived methodology, as well as its cumulative learning and work experience of furthering innovation globally since 1995. This map includes the tools, principles, skills, proficiencies, and activities needed to help companies and the people in them to achieve their personal and business innovation objectives.

It is highly recommended that organizations send their leadership team and those who will subsequently review team progress and results.

Facilitator Biography

Erez Tsalik is a lead presenter in the area of creativity and innovation is frequently invited as a keynote speaker to conferences around the world. He lectures in leading academic institutes worldwide, including Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tel Aviv University. At TED India (2009), Erez ran an innovation workshop as part of the TED University.

Erez is a Senior Facilitator and Director of SIT’s Operations for Asia Pacific. He facilitates in all of SITs applications – New Product Development, Marketing Communications/Advertising, Problem Solving and Innovative Strategy – and is an SIT expert in Conflict Resolution and Co-Opetition applications. He has conducted projects with scores of leading international clients including Disney, Airtel, Kraft, Siemens, Molex, OCBC, BP, HP and Tnuva, and has extensive experience working in developing markets, and with social and environmental organizations. Erez has 10 years of experience in the field of IT and Hi-Tech developments as a CIO and Systems Management and has also worked in the field of education with specific emphasis on the production of educational workshops and seminars.


July 14, 2020
8:00 am - 12:00 pm