Many organizations struggle to define work priorities, often undertaking improvement efforts that don’t deliver the desired impact. The Vital Few™ is a systematic approach that focuses on determining the most vital improvements towards creating customer value and delivering meaningful impact in any situation.

The Vital Few™ consists of 8 key components that measure process performance and drive strategic outcomes through focus and prioritization of the work. The steps are designed to study an improvement need from the strategic level into the vital few work priorities. Meaningful impact is achieved through focused process improvement and management of the improved customer value stream.

This webinar will demonstrate how The Vital Few™ led a major provider of healthcare services to identify improvement investments that were vastly different from those originally proposed. In fact, during the webinar you will see how the solution envisioned before using The Vital Few™ could have had a negative impact on the organization – both financially and to customer experience.  Read more about the Vital Few system and our upcoming workshops in March.  Our Tuesday webinar series is always freeand preregistration is requested.   WCPE is hosting this webinar with our friends at the California Council for Excellence.

On deck for January 8 is Urvi Patel, Director of Quality Improvement at  the American Health Care Association.  ACHA’s award program is aligned with the Baldrige Framework.

The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, in partnership with our friends at MiPRO, features a complimentary webinar on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11 – noon central. Webinars will feature performance excellence experts and practitioners from various sectors who will share insights to help you and your organization get better, faster.  Webinars are archived here.