At the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, we believe performance excellence is integral to organizational sustainability.

With the economy tightening, a shortage of competent workers, and competition increasing in many industries, we are observing that more organizations of all sizes and types are recommitting to continuous improvement and performance excellence to navigate challenges, streamline operations, optimize resources, and improve results.

Through education and training, professional development, tools, and assessments using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence (WCPE) can assist your organization in understanding how well your organization is performing and how your organization needs to improve or change.

In addition to our statewide network,WCPE is also a member of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, the network of nonprofits that advance excellence across the nation. As a member of the Alliance, we have access to a network of peers, training, best practices, and tools to facilitate performance improvement. Through these state, regional and national networks, we help facilitate the exchange of ideas on how to improve and innovate our programs to better meet the needs of Wisconsin organizations, share ways to navigate the challenges in today’s environment, and learn best practices.

The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence is excited about the future and welcomes the opportunity to assist in improving YOUR organizations’ future through continuous improvement and performance excellence initiatives. We are here to support you on your journey to performance excellence! During September, we will be joining Alliance members across the nation in providing information to assist organizations with performance improvement initiatives.

We hope you find the information we provide throughout the month to be helpful and look forward to working with your organization. For additional information contact us via phone: 608-663-5300 or email at info at