Have you been interested in the applying the Baldrige  management framework in your organization,  but find yourself a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed?

What if the Baldrige  framework was broken down into a set of leadership practices and key management systems that would help you create a customized “operational blueprint”  matched to your organization’s unique vision, culture, strategy and customer requirements?  This systems approach has proven to be both a practical and effective way for organizations to stage the journey to excellence and sustain the improvements that are implemented.


In the fall of 2020 WCPE will launch a cohort of 5-7 organizations who are interested in applying the systems approach to Baldrige. Through a series of 6 monthly workshops, 3-4 key leaders from each of the participating organizations will learn the Criteria, apply it to their organization and receive coaching to guide them in establishing the foundational systems for performance excellence. Participating in the cohort will make this unique opportunity more cost-effective and allow you to learn from other like-minded organizations. Along the way these organizations will also have opportunities to apply for recognition by the Wisconsin Forward Award through a new Focused Review award program.

WCPE is partnering with two recognized Baldrige experts who will lead a series of workshops that will make the Criteria understandable and relevant to leaders and provide immediate benefit. Pattie Skriba (VP Business Excellence, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital (retired), currently serving on the Baldrige Panel of Judges), and  and Joe Kilbride are leading experts and practitioners of “A Systems Approach to the Baldrige Journey.”

If you are intrigued, you can get more information on the Systems Approach and the cohort that will kick-off this fall by reviewing this flyer, or contacting Liz Menzer at info@wisquality.org or 608.663.5300.