The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence (WCPE) is pleased to announce a partnership with The Netherlands-based The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC), which will bring TLSSC’s world class online portfolio of Lean Six Sigma training to WPCE members in the Upper Midwest.

 “The need to improve organizational efficiency and productivity has never been greater,” said Liz Menzer, president of the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.  “Even before – but especially because of – COVID-19, organizations will need to streamline operations, finding ways to eliminate waste, simplify processes, and quickly improve results.  But today most of us simply cannot due to coronavirus restrictions, attend in-person trainings to learn new skills and techniques to improve our organization’s performance.  That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with The Lean Six Sigma Company to bring these concepts to our members in a convenient, virtual, efficient, and cost-effective way.”

The partnership provides WCPE members with access to proven methods, best practices, and techniques through a series of online Lean Six Sigma courses designed and offered by TLSSC in collaboration with their sister company, The Productivity Company (TPC), a fast-growing edu-tech company with a mission to help people embrace lifelong learning through compact e-learning solutions. The training courses are interactive, consisting of short videos, movies, theory, quizzes, and a theoretical exam. After this course participants will be ready to complete a Lean Six Sigma project.

“Due to the great accessibility of digital content, our Wisconsin organizations will have immediate access to a wide variety of online courses and can access them at any time in any setting,” says Menzer.  “And with TLSSC’s proven global reputation that includes over 4,000 clients and 25,000+ trained students worldwide, we’re confident in the quality and relevancy of the material.”

Ewin Boon, CEO of The Lean Six Sigma Company USA states: “In the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, we have found a partner that embodies the same mindset of continuous improvement and passion for quality that drives us as an organization and are honored to work with such a respected resource of knowledge.”

For more information, visit here.