Stress has been taking a heavy toll on our well-being since the pandemic began. The extended lack of control and predictability has caused physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion for many of us; burnout is rampant and disruptive. Employees aren’t as engaged, which erodes business cultures. Attracting and retaining employees have become a top challenge. Now, more than ever, leaders are seeking effective ways to reduce stress and prevent burnout — with their teams and with themselves.  We’ve got some food for thought from a few great experts!

The  Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence —in partnership with the Performance Excellence Network– is pleased to host an online webinar discussion on Thursday, October 6:

“Reducing Stress, Preventing Burnout, Improving Leadership.” The discussion will feature four speakers in a “TEDtalk” format, each sharing insights and tools to reduce stress, lower burnout, and improve leadership effectiveness.

We will hear from:

  • Terry Wu, Neuroscientist, Consultant & Speaker — who will offer some research-based tips that help leaders reduce stress, make better decisions, and create an environment for their teams to succeed
  • Robert Sjoberg, Master Trainer & Speaker, CEO of Dynamic Personalities — who will show how you can decrease burnout and attrition and become more effective and achieve more with what you already have and create a better culture.
  • Ned Tiech, Business Coach, Evolve ActionCOACH – who will discuss culture – specifically as it pertains to success in a business – and “Rules of the Game”
  • Shannon Murphy Robinson, CEO & co-founder of BrainSkills@Work — who will offer BrainState Management tools to increase resilience in the moment to avoid chronic stress and burnout

After each speakers’ roughly 10 minute prepared talk, we’ll have time for Q&A and discussion.

Stress inevitably leads to poor leadership decisions, and today’s most effective leaders are finding ways to reduce their followers’ stress.  Come explore ways you can reduce your team (and your own) stress, prevent burnout, and improve your leadership.

This session is Thursday, October 6 from 8:00-9:00 CT (optional networking and mingling 7:45-8:00) using Zoom MEETING. Grab your coffee and breakfast, and join us for a rich discussion. Free for PEN/WCPE members; $20 for non-members.