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The way organizations approach strategic issues greatly determines their level of success or failure.  Senior leaders are looking for improved results. Process owners and project leaders are challenged to initiate and prioritize new projects on a daily basis. Organizations must align around the vital few projects that will actually deliver results that matter. 

The Metric of Urgency Way or MoU (based on the principles of Lean Six Sigma) is a methodology designed to work within any process improvement framework and deliver Meaningful impact.  MoU Way links business strategy to operational execution using a key metric called The Metric of Urgency. The MoU Way consists of 7 key components which can solve any strategic challenge.  While the process remains the same, the level of rigor to execute each step may vary significantly with the magnitude of the problem.

At the center of the MoU Way sits the Metric of Urgency – a process metric that acts as the leading indicator toimprove strategic outcomes and it prioritizes the work!

Join Michael Gratz from MiPRO and learn how to select the key metrics that deliver the change that matters.  Explore problem statements, leading and lagging metrics, and how your organization can create Meaningful Impact by staying focused on the vital few projects.

This workshop is hands-on using more than 15 exercises to learn how MoU and the MoU Way deliver results.  Participants are invited to develop a Metric of Urgency Scorecard on a need facing their organization during the workshop.  Get the details here.