2017 Lean Government Conference

Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence invites you to join the Community of Excellence in Wisconsin at the seventh annual Lean Government Conference.

Our 2017 theme is “Building your Lean Culture” and we’ll be featuring the Des Moines Public School District, who have made an incredible impact through their commitment to lean practices and methods.  Beyond the use of tools, Lean is now culturally embedded in how they work.  Emma Knapp, Continuous Improvement Coordinator will share the story of their journey.  DMPS has emerged as a regional role model through:

  • Dedicated resources, including the Continuous Improvement Coordinator position
  • A scale-up strategy based on “engage the willing”
  • Early embrace by the business/finance team whose significant results spurred wider interest
  • CULTURAL ENTRENCHMENT – Lean is now how the district operates
  • And recent deployment Lean Leadership – beyond tools, this became a key advantage in fully embracing lean and institutionalizing it with the DMPS culture

While of great interest to Wisconsin educators, DMPS’ rapid journey is equally compelling to study and apply at the municipal, county, or State government level.

Join us October 27 for this full day conference featuring the Des Moines Public School District.

Workshop | Become a Social Media Rock Star

With 1.5 billion Facebook users, 320 million active Twitter accounts, 80 million daily Instagram photo uploads, and countless digital sites—social media is the best means ever invented to grow both your personal reputation as well as that of your organization. During this session, Spencer Smith of Spencer X. Smith Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin will share what works for both himself and his clients around the country. Spencer will:

    • Identify which social platforms make sense for your organization
    • Describe how you should spend your time online
    • Discuss the types of content you should be utilizing
    • Demonstrate which analytics are important and which to ignore
    • Present Spencer’s Personal Branding Power Hour to skyrocket your organization’s reputation

Join us April 20 for this two hour workshop led by Spencer Smith founder of Spencer X. Smith Consulting.