We’ve compiled frequently requested resources in one convenient location.  Let us know what we are missing, or if you have a resource to share.
The Baldrige Performance Excellence website has some excellent resources for individuals who are considering serving as Examiners at the state or national level.

NOTE: New examiners must attend Advancing Performance Excellence: Baldrige 201 (see  Key Dates for Examiners for registration  details.  The registration fee is included in the new Examiner fee of $475.00) and then are trained by WCPE to learn how to conduct a Baldrige-based evaluation.  Examiners are then placed on teams of six to 10 volunteers — leaders, professionals, and experts from all over the region and from all professional walks of life (business leaders, school teachers and superintendents, healthcare professionals, and nonprofit leaders).  Examiners follow a three-phase assessment process (Independent Review, Consensus, and Site Visit) — culminating in a Feedback Report that’s delivered to an organization’s leadership team in an improvement planning session.

Examiners who have attended national Baldrige training in 2021, or have  have participated in Baldrige 101 within the last two years, receive a discount to Baldrige 201.  Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance registering.

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