• Enhance organizational results?
  • Exceed customer and stakeholder expectations?
  • Develop an engaged and high-performing workforce?
  • Transition from surviving to thriving?
  • Connect with other organizations, leaders, communities, and individuals interested in performance excellence,
    innovation and continuous improvement?

The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence has the tools and resources to help organizations of all types and sizes to successfully achieve their vision and contribute to the economic vitality of their region.

Engage with Us

Wondering how to launch a journey toward performance excellence?  The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence can help you and your organization improve processes, systems and results. Or maybe you just want to support an organization that prides itself on making Wisconsin a better place to live and work. Whatever your motivation, there are several ways to get involved in the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.

Use our Assessment, Coaching and Mentoring Services

Assess the overall performance of your business/organization and get feedback on your strengths and gaps to guide your next steps.  Connect with other leaders, quality professionals and excellence-minded organizations through workshops, conferences, webinars and networking opportunities in Wisconsin can beyond.   We offer professional development for leaders, managers and supervisors, as well as coaching/mentoring for next steps on your improvement journey.

Apply for the Wisconsin Forward Award

The foundation of our program, the Wisconsin Forward Award, is the process we use to evaluate organizations against the internationally-recognized Baldrige Framework, and provide feedback that can be used for continuous improvement. Writing an application is a practical, powerful step your organization can take to achieve its goals.  We offer a variety of assessment tools as well as tiered application formats and recognition levels.  Wisconsin Forward Award 50-page narrative application cycles are held each winter and summer.  Get started with a Wisconsin Challenger or a Wisconsin Fast Forward  abbreviated application, which are accepted year-round.

Serve on the Board of Examiners

Join the Wisconsin Forward Award Board of Examiners and empower yourself to use the Criteria for Performance Excellence wherever you work. Serving as an examiner will put you front and center with business leaders from all over the state and region. Best of all, you’ll bring back great learning and best practices to your own organization.

Share What You Know

We’re always open to ideas for best practice sharing.  Please contact us with your ideas or suggestions!