Workshop April 7 | Conflict Management | Mastering the Pivot

Attend our day-long session April 7 in Menomonie to explore how to fix those stubborn conflicts, and move on with a healthy mindset and relationships.

Learn about the three key pivots:

  • Away from your Stuck Story and toward its message
  • Away from their behavior and toward your conflict hooks
  • Away from the past and toward the now

We will also learn how to do a 15-minute Self-Mediation and how to apply the right pivot to the right conflict situation.

Join us April 7 for this full-day workshop led by Dawn M. Garcia, MS, RN, CMQ-OE founder of Pursuit of Excellence LLC.

Workshop April 11 | Taking Your Leadership Pulse

Attend our day-long session April 11 in Madison to explore four critical aspects of leadership:

  • Cognitive fitness
  • Trust
  • Failure
  • Self-awareness

We will also explore leadership development as a system and show how organizational results can improve when leadership is strengthened across the organization.

Join us April 11 for this full-day workshop led by Buck Rhyme of RR Consulting Group.