Resources from Past Learning Events

This page is offered to members and friends as a resource for commonly used improvement and innovation tools. These are intended for your download and use. Check this page frequently as we often post information here from programs and offerings as well.

  • 2016 January Lunch & Learn Series with Dash Consulting
    Personal Productivity – Life Hacks
  • 2015 Lunch & Learn Series with Reinvention LLC
    4 Key Measures Every Senior Leader MUST know
    Four Measures Leaders Need to Know_HANDOUTS
    Lean Visual Tools
    Lean Visual Tools_HANDOUT
  • Standard Flowchart Shapes
    When diagramming processes, these standard shapes indicate very specific types of process steps.
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  • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Outline
    PDCA is widely recognized approach to improvement. This model also accounts for measure improvement.
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  • SIPOC Chart
    This chart is useful for determine the contributing factors to a process, including customers and suppliers.
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  • Project Tracking Template
    This tool allows for a quick status report on multiple projects.
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  • Stakeholder Needs-Deliverables Matrix
    Taking into considerations the needs of anyone affected by a change, is more likely to result in successful adoption.
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  • Customer Requirements Evaluation
    This template is useful for taking into consideration the customer’s viewpoint in process or product design.
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  • Job Shadowing Work Sheet
    Sometimes the best way to learn about a process is to simply observe someone doing it.
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  • EXPRESS Improvement Template
    This is a model for a rapid improvement project, based on the GE approach.
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  • Benchmarking Evaluation
    How do you know when a benchmark source is a good one? This evaluation tool can be helpful.
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  • Poudre Valley Presentations from March 16, 2011
    Performance Excellence Teams Download it Using Data to Engage Staff  Download it
  • Creating Charts in Excel from Quality 101, May 11th, 2011
    Excel Charts – Basic Skills Download it »
  • Using Social Media to Understand Your Customers, June 8th, 2011 Webinar Download it »