In today’s environment, finding, engaging, and retaining talented workers is a major goal for most organizations.  A highly engaged workforce leads to more satisfied customers, growth, and overall better results.  But ever-shifting work environments, changing workforce preferences and needs, and a persistent workforce shortage have put pressure on today’s leaders to adjust some of the methods they use to lead their teams, create a high-performance culture, and achieve results. 

This half-day workshop (1 – 4:45 pm) lead by Bryan K Williams will focus on best practices to create and sustain a workplace that attracts and retains high performers. Special emphasis will be on developing a powerful onboarding experience for new team members and ways to drive personal accountability and team cohesiveness throughout your team. 

Learning topics include: 
•    Re-imagining the onboarding experience. 
•    Tips to become the teammate that others want to have. 
•    Modeling peer accountability 
•    Optimizing your ideal role 

Bryan K. Williams is a dynamic, highly regarded facilitator, author and speaker. You’ll leave energized and inspired to make your workplace a better place for yourself and your team.  REGISTER HERE!